Coco beach is in a bay off the village of Nerul, and in recent years has acquired this modern and fashionable name. Access to this beach is from Candolim by Nerul bridge. The beach is immensely beautiful.


Nerul village is a small fishing village famous for its river and the beautiful palm fringed coco beach which is complete with beach shacks and a few  small restaurants including a late night beach bar. Apart from this Nerul village still retains most of its original charm as it is relatively untouched by modern tourism. There is still a strong fishing community and the villagers also grow watermelons, groundnuts, rice and vegetables. Evidence of this way of life can be seen all around the village unlike in many areas of Goa where tourism is slowly changing the existence of rural untouched charm of Goa.
Here you can also find amazing colonial style mansions which are reminders of the beautiful Portuguese architecture of the past. These homes in the village of Nerul hark back to the days when the village was popular with Portuguese fidalgos, long before modern tourism had developed. Due to Portuguese influence The Church of Our Lady of Remedies was built in 1569 by the prosperous villagers, and it still well restored and exhibits old paintings on wooden panels and on the walls.



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